Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pose of the Month: Janu Sirsasana

Janu Sirsasana is a wonderful seated forward bend that allows for space in the side body- your ribs, it opens the backs of your legs, spreading that connective tissue evenly from the heel to the buttock. It also helps to circulate blood through the legs and lengthens the upper torso. This posture feels especially good as a cool down built into your regular practice or anytime your legs feel tight. Providing flexibility to the hamstrings and spine while relaxing the central nervous system Janu Sirsasana is a mainstay in my prenatal yoga classes.

Sit on the floor with your buttocks lifted on a folded blanket if need be, and your legs straight in front of you. Inhale, bend your right knee, and draw the heel back toward your perineum. Rest your right foot sole lightly against your inner left thigh, and lay the outer right leg on the floor, with the shin at a right angle to the left leg (if your right knee doesn't rest comfortably on the floor, support it with a folded blanket). So now you are in a figure four position with your legs.

Press your right hand against the inner right groin, where the thigh joins the pelvis, and your left hand on the floor beside the hip. Exhale and turn the torso slightly to the left, lifting the torso as you push down on and ground the inner right thigh. Line up your navel with the middle of the left thigh, if your belly is there, you can stay in the center where there is space to fall forward. You can just stay here, using a strap to help you lengthen the spine evenly, grounding through the sitting bones, or when you are ready, you can drop the strap and reach out with your right hand to take the inner left foot, thumb on the sole. Inhale and lift the front torso, pressing the top of the left thigh into the floor and extending actively through the left heel. Use the pressure of the left hand on the floor to increase the twist to the left, so your chest is floating upward. Then reach your left hand to the outside of the foot. With the arms fully extended, lengthen the front torso from the pubis to the top of the sternum.

Exhale and extend forward from the groins, not the hips. Be sure not to pull yourself forcefully into the forward bend, hunching the back and shortening the front torso. As you descend, bend your elbows out to the sides and lift them away from the floor.

Lengthen forward into a comfortable stretch. The lower belly may touch the thighs first, the head may come last. Stay in the pose anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes. Come up with an inhalation and repeat the instructions with the legs reversed for the same length of time.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Pregnant New Yorker Event-Guest Speaker: Latham Thomas

The Pregnant New Yorker is an Alternative Health Event held monthly in Manhattan and Brooklyn for expectant and new moms. Founded by Janet Markowits, L.M.T of Maternal Massage & More, The Pregnant New Yorker brings together the best wellness practitioners around the city to present their services and answer the questions you have regarding your pregnancy. Join us this January 10th 2009, from 1:30-3:30pm along with Midwife Cara Mulhanhn, featured in The Business of Being Born. Meet doulas, acupuncturists, physical therapists, lactation consultants, and learn more about the work of Tender Shoots Wellness. Gift bags full of goodies for all attendees. The cost for the event is $10. Please CLICK HERE to register. For more information please visit The Pregnant New Yorker

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tender Shoots Wellness contributes blog on Ecomii

Ecomii is an online community that was created to specifically address this need for a single credible and comprehensive resource for everything green. Ecomii believes that accuracy, objectivity and transparency are very important considering the amount of new “green” products on the market and conflicting information about what we can do to make a difference. Its a wonderful new site, please check it out for info on al things green.

Latham Thomas is a contributer to Ecomii parenting blogs. Where twice a week you can find interesting and informative posts that focus on green living, pregnancy, parenting, holistic nutrition, and wellness. Please check out the site by clicking Ecomii
To read recent blog posts, visit Ecomii.com, parenting blogs or scroll to the bottom of the page and find "Articles" and click directly from there.

Read- Mommy Meal Plan- For Green Mommies on the Go

Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Holidays with Hyde

Give the gift of Hyde this holiday season. Save 20% on Hyde Organic Yoga apparel this holiday season. coupon code is "comfort". Visit Hyde Yoga to start shopping.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Prenatal Yoga at OM Factory with Latham Thomas

Please tell all the moms you know to come check out this great prenatal class that will be offered at Om Factory. Tea served afterward. For more info please email me at: info@tendershootswellness.com

Yoga with Latham & Holiday Shopping Event at Victoria Keen

Feel good Sunday December 14th, at 1pm with a free hour of vinyasa yoga with certified vinyasa yoga teacher, Latham Thomas. Save big on wellness services for yourself or gift the gift of wellness to others this holiday season. Gift certificates available!

Enjoy mimosas and hours d'ourves after, and a special sale 50-80% off on all Victoria Keen clothing. Also for that day, store wide sale 30-50% off on soy candles, jewelry, accessories, and clothing. Get your holiday shopping finished sipping mimosas and mingling with great company.

If you are a yogi or know one then you know that Victoria Keen yoga gear in on everyone's wish list! Visit Victoria's shop online at Victoria Keen.
Yoga class is one hour, stay to shop!!! Event goes till 6pm.

Bring your own yoga mat.

Victoria Keen is located at 357 Lafayette street between Bleecker and Bond B/D/F/V to Broadway Lafayette station or 6 train to Spring st.

Please RSVP to attend as space is limited!!!
info@victoriakeen.com or info@tendershootswellness.com

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Take a peek at the new Hyde Website and save 20% on clothing from now through December 15th. www.hydeyoga.com

Friday, December 5, 2008

Yoga Brunch at Om Factory with Latham

Get a taste of amazing yoga instructors as you sample an array of visiting guest teachers with The Om Factory Yoga Brunch Series! Every Saturday, Om Factory features a visiting instructor to teach from 9:30 – 11:00am. Each class is followed by a $10 vegetarian brunch created by Yogi Chef Michael Rosner of the Natural Gourmet Institute. Come for the yoga … stay for the brunch!

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice of linking breath with movement. This practice teaches us to cultivate an awareness of linking each action to the next. The class is very alignment-oriented, and includes chanting and breathwork. Expect to engage in a fluid expression of the poses that seems almost like a dance. Groove to the sounds of a soulful mix or live drumming as you build heat in the body, sweating out toxins, elongating muscles and connective tissue, and relieving stress while moving through this innovative sequence of postures. Come join me Saturday, December 13th 2008 from 9:30-11am.
Visit Om Factory for details.
Om Factory is located at 265 W. 37th street 17th floor, near 8th avenue.

Honeydrop Organic Beverage

Deluxe Honeydrop, a leading producer of honey-infused waters, announced the launch of Deluxe Honeydrop, the company’s first line of premium beverages. Deluxe Honeydrop is an organic flavored water infused with a drop of organic honey and “deluxe” premium juices. Containing only 80 calories per 16.9 oz bottle, Deluxe Honeydrop comes in four flavors: Bee Good (apple), Bee Alive (blood orange), Bee Calm (chamomile) and Bee Strong (blueberry).

The Founders of this amazing product debuted the beverage at Tender Shoots Wellness's website launch party on Thursday December 4th. It was a huge hit at the party and a wonderful beverage for mothers and children alike. Honeydrop will be available in Whole Foods Markets across the country. Please check out www.honeydrop.com for more info.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

***Tender Shoots Wellness Official Website Launch Party****

Thursday December 4th, 2008 from 5-9pm
Capucine Boutique
20 Harrison Street, between Greenwich & Hudson

Capucine Boutique invites you to attend an evening in celebration of Tender Shoots Wellness.

Tender Shoots Wellness is a boutique holistic lifestyle practice practice striving to enrich the lives of women during their childbearing years; empowering them through nutrition awareness, yoga, green culinary arts, and plant medicine. Embracing nature and promoting sustainability and green living, Tender Shoots Wellness gently guides women along their journey into motherhood and beyond. Founded in 2006 by Latham Thomas, Tender Shoots Wellness offers an array of comprehensive services addressing the particular needs of women before, during, and after pregnancy.

Nestled in the heart of Tribeca, Capucine Boutique is an Oasis for Hip Moms & Mothers To Be. The boutique offers women's fashion, accessories, jewelry, unique maternity clothing as well as children's wear & baby gear. There, you will also find everything you could ever dream of for your little ones room, kid's furniture, decorative pieces and funky toys, etc.

*In the spirit of the holidays, shop for your loved ones and save big on products and services.*

All party attendees will receive the following discounts at Capucine and Tender Shoots Wellness:

On upper level of the store: Save 20% on everything- clothing, skincare, accessories, (including new arrivals)

Lower level of the store: 10% off full nurseries + free shipping anywhere in the US as well as 20-30%off selected items.

Receive 20% off any wellness service with Tender Shoots Wellness when you sign up online or on the day of the event. You can sign up at the store!

We are raffling off some amazing products and services for our guests, so make sure you come!!!
Featuring Products and services from: Belly Vita, Capucine Boutique, Hyde Yoga, Lather Spa, Mambino Organics, Tender Shoots Wellness, and more.

For more information please contact:
RSVP: info@tendershootswellness.com

Tender Shoots Wellness

Capucine Boutique

Prenatal Yoga at OM Factory with Latham Thomas

Join me in January at my new location- OM Factory, where I am bringing my inspired prenatal yoga classes twice a week. This is a class for busy moms on the go who can step away from work for some time to commune with other moms and get into their personal practice.

Although the class officially ends at 2:45, an extra 15 minutes is allotted for moms to relax, in full savasana with light massage, chat with other moms and enjoy fresh brewed tea for pregnancy. Tea blends such as Raspberry leaf and Yarrow, Fresh Mint, and Chamomile tea will be available at the end of each class. A basket of seasonal organic fruit is available to our moms who need a quick snack for energy as well. We at OM Factory delight in serving our community. Join Us!!!

Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:45-2:45pm (extended 15 minute relaxation for anyone who desires to stay)

OM Factory- 265 W. 37th street, 17th floor, near 8th avenue
A/C/E 1/2/3 B/D/F/V/ N/R/Q/W trains to 34th street

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Pregnant New Yorker Event in NYC- Saturday December 6th

Calling all mommies-to-be- There is a fabulous week of prenatal events that lies ahead, including my website launch party on the December 4th, and on the Saturday December 6th, Janet Markovitz of Maternal Massage and More, hosts The Pregnant New Yorker event in Manhattan. See the flyer for details. The event is free. www.thepregnantnewyorker.com

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Latham contributes to Naturally Savvy Online

Naturally Savvy is an online resource for Organic and Natural living with style. As an expert contributor I submit articles monthly on pregnancy, wellness, nutrition, and parenting. You can find videos online as well as tips. Please check out my articles online at Natually Savvy.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Mommy & Me Yoga Class with Latham at Realbirth

Mommy & Me Yoga Class with Latham at Realbirth
Calling all mommies and babies!!! Reunite with friends from prenatal yoga and exercise and bond with your baby. Latham will be teaching two Mommy and Me yoga classes at the midtown Realbirth location in the city:

Realbirth 715 9th avenue between 48th-49th streets, C/E train to 50th street

Monday, November 10th from 3:15-4:15pm
Monday, November 24th from 3:15-4:15pm

Yoga mat and props, blankets provided. B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own baby)

The Pregnant New Yorker: An Alternative Health Event, Wednesday, November 19th

Join Janet Markovits of Maternal Massage and special guests at the Pregnant New Yorker Event. For those of you in Brooklyn this should prove to be a great evening. Visit www.thepregnantnewyorker.com for more details.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Green to Grow-Baby Bottles

Green-to-Grow new line of baby bottles is the answer to harmful plastics. This socially responsible company started by a conscientious couple who after the birth of their first baby was inspired to create a line of safe green baby bottles that are bisphenol A free. The bottles are affordable and available online and in health food stores.

bisphenol a controversy
In February 2007, the public advocacy group Environment California Research & Policy Center published a report titled Toxic Baby Bottles: Scientific Study Finds Leaching Chemicals in Clear Plastic Baby Bottles. The report describes the harmful effects of the hormone-disrupting chemical bisphenol A (BPA), a developmental, reproductive, and neural toxicant found in polycarbonate plastic—the material used to make the vast majority of baby bottles.

Check out Green-to-Grow's informative site online www.greentogrow.com

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mommy & Me Yoga Class with Latham at Realbirth

Mommy & Me Yoga Class with Latham at Realbirth
Calling all mommies and babies!!! Reunite with friends from prenatal yoga and exercise and bond with your baby. Latham will be teaching two Mommy and Me yoga classes at both Realbirth locations in the city:

Monday, October 27th from 3:15-4:15pm @
Realbirth 715 9th avenue between 48th-49th streets

Thursday, October 30th from 3:15-4:15pm @
Realbirth 54 W. 22nd street, between 5th- 6th aves

Yoga mat and props, blankets provided. B.Y.O.B. (Bring your own baby)

Friday, October 3, 2008

In the Kitchen. On the Mat. In your Life. Latham Lectures at Laughing Lotus

Latham Lectures at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center NYC
Sunday, October 12th from 2-5pm
59 W.19th street, 3rd floor between 5th & 6th avenues

In the kitchen. On your mat. In your life:
Principles for mindful eating, and supporting your practice and lifestyle through nutrition.

Join Latham Thomas for her second engaging lecture at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center.
In this interactive lecture we will explore mindful eating- eating with awareness, attunement to the subtle energies at work in our bodies and in the make up of our food, listening for feedback from the body, and fueling our yoga practice with food. We will discuss how to slow down, be present, enjoy, and release the meal. We will discuss seasonal and eco-friendly eating- how it prepares us for the cycles of nature and why it is important to let the seasons guide our eating and our practice. A portion of our lecture will address transitioning to a more plant-based diet to support our bodies and the sustainability of our planet.

Recipe packets and light snack will be provided. Lecture attendees will also receive 10% off any wellness service provided by Latham Thomas. Students and attendees will also receive a discount coupon for Hyde Yoga Organic apparel. This offer is also open to all Laughing Lotus students for a limited time only.

Visit the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center site for details.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fall into Hyde and Save 15%

Dear friends,
Save 15% on your purchases at Hyde Yoga. Type in "Organic" at checkout. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Isabella Oliver Bandeu Wrap Tops for Pregnancy!!!!

Isabella Oliver is stylish chic pregnancy clothing for the fashion conscious mama. Whether you want casual, upscale, business, hippy chic or glamorous Isabella Oliver has just the look for you. Founded by two hip mamas Vanessa and Baukjen impart their stylish tips for moms and moms-to-be on their site IsabellaOliver. Their bandeu wrap top makes me want to be pregnant again. Check them out online.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Schedule Sessions with Tender Shoots Wellness on LifeBooker

Greetings Friends,

I am pleased to announce a new partnership with LifeBooker, a personal online concierge service.
On Lifebooker you can search, browse, and book appointments at the top health and beauty spots in your city for free. You'll not only find exclusive deals, but you'll earn rewards towards your next appointment each time you book.

Tender Shoots Wellness is now offering wellness services through LifeBooker. Sign up online for holistic nutrition services and schedule your yoga privates online using LifeBooker. You may visit the website www.tendershootswellness.com, under the services section In Your Life: Holistic Nutrition & On the Mat: Yoga Services, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the link to connect to LifeBooker to schedule your session.

All new clients must fill out the online intake form for any of the Wellness services prior to our first session. You will find the intake forms on the site homepage under "spring into wellness" and "Become a client". Please note that only yoga privates and nutrition consultations are currently being offered through LifeBooker. To schedule in-home cooking services you need to contact Latham through the website and fill out the culinary services: food profile form.

Thanks for your patrionage.
See you soon.

To See the Tender Shoots Wellness Page on LifeBooker
Click Here

Friday, September 19, 2008

OM Factory Welcomes Latham to Teach Prenatal Yoga

I had a wonderful prenatal yoga class where Krissy Shields, (who I observed during my own teacher training) and Emily Conradson of OM Factory came to take my prenatal yoga class this past Tuesday at Realbirth. Krissy is now great with child and glowing. I had the pleasure of finally practicing with her and observing her movements as a mommy-to-be.

On behalf of OM Factory family Emily extended the invitation for me to join the team at OM Factory and bring Prenatal yoga to the schedule Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting in January. I know it sounds like a its a long time from now, but it will be here before you know it. In honor of my teacher Mia Borgatta, the class will be called Ma Yoga.

Please check out the OM Factory website and sign up for email updates and the newsletter. They will send out a dedicated email for October that begins promoting my class.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Information Session for Expecting Parents with Choices in Childbirth

Dear Friends of Choices in Childbirth,

We are pleased to announce the next free informational session for expectant parents.

SEPTEMBER MEETING TOPIC: Negotiate the Maze of Maternity Care Health Insurance:
Can I Have the Birth I Want -- and Get it Paid For?
In the Listening to Mothers 2 survey in 2006, 47% of the women reported that the first reason for choosing a maternity care provider is that the provider participated in their insurance plan. Only 18% of the women reported that they chose their provider based on style/care options views.

In other words, a woman's "choice" is more often than not dictated by insurance policies rather than based on specific pregnancy and birth management style which range from "expectant management" to "interventionist management".

Choices in Childbirth as a consumer advocacy group often receives calls from women who would like to know if and how they could get a specific type of care if they don't have insurance or how they could get their choice covered by their insurance plan if it has been denied. For instance, one woman's insurance wouldn't pay for her birth with a midwife, another's wouldn't pay for her birth at an independent birthing center, another wouldn't pay for a home birth.

If you don't have insurance or if your chosen birth location or birth attendant does not participate in your insurance plan, what can you do?

In this month's meeting we will explore a few of the tricky insurance situations expectant parents have encountered and we will offer suggestions and resources to enable you to attempt to get the birth that you want paid for.

Our meeting will feature guest speakers, both care providers and new mothers who will share their choices and experiences.

The session is generously hosted by Realbirth.
DATE: Wednesday Sept 24th 2008, 6:15 - 8:30PM
LOCATION: 715 9th avenue between 49th street and 48th street -ground floor.
GUEST SPEAKERS: A variety of birth professionals knowledgeable about insurance and two new mothers.

We hope to see you there, and welcome you to invite your friends, family or other expectant families who might be interested.

RSVP is appreciated (laure@choicesinchildbirth.org)

The flyer can be printed from the following link: http://www.zen63326.zen.co.uk/CIC/ChoicesinChildbirth_September2008_Meeting.pdf

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pose of the Month: Virasana (Hero's Pose)

I often take Virasana pose when seated for meditation after a long day of standing and walking about the city. I find that this pose is most calming and provides relief to my thighs and knees. This is a great posture for pregnancy, as it helps to circulate blood through the legs as it gets sluggish near the second to third trimesters.

Kneel on the floor (on a folded blanket to pad your knees, shins, and feet if necessary), with your thighs perpendicular to the floor, and touch your inner knees together. Slide your feet apart, slightly wider than your hips, with the tops of the feet flat on the floor. Angle your big toes slightly in toward each other and press the top of each foot evenly on the floor.

Exhale and sit back halfway, with your torso leaning slightly forward. Wedge your thumbs into the backs of your knees and draw the skin and flesh of the calf muscles toward the heels. Then sit down between your feet.

If your buttocks don't comfortably rest on the floor, raise them on a block or thick book placed between the feet. Make sure both sitting bones are evenly supported. Allow a thumb's-width space between the inner heels and the outer hips. Turn your thighs inward and press the heads of the thigh bones into the floor with the bases of your palms. Then lay your hands in your lap, one on the other, palms up, or on your thighs, palms down.

Firm your shoulder blades against the back ribs and lift the top of your sternum like a proud warrior. Widen the collarbones and release the shoulder blades away from the ears. Lengthen the tailbone into the floor to anchor the back torso.

At first stay in this pose from 30 seconds to 1 minute. Gradually extend your stay up to 5 minutes. To come out, press your hands against the floor and lift your buttocks up, slightly higher than the heels. Cross your ankles underneath your buttocks, sit back over the feet and onto the floor, then stretch your legs out in front of you.

Stretches the thighs, knees, and ankles
Strengthens the arches
Improves digestion and relieves gas
Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause
Reduces swelling of the legs during pregnancy (through second trimester)
Therapeutic for high blood pressure and asthma


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Exclusive Denim Event for Mamas

If you like your designer jeans and you have a bun in the oven treat yourself to this event for fashionable mommies. 
You are exclusively invited to A Pea in the Pod for a Denim Event with 7 for All Mankind and Basq. Join for a personal jean fitting and beauty and style advice from the experts of A Pea in the Pod, 7 for All Mankind, and Basq. Receive a complimentary beauty gift with purchase.

New York Event- September 12
Destination Maternity- 28 E. 57th street

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Latham Speaks on the Yoga and Green Living- Go Green Sangha Radio Show

Go Green Sangha Radio Show- Topic: The Marriage of Yoga Green Living
Sunday, September 14, from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm (EST)
Tune into the second episode of Go Green Sangha Radio, a monthly Internet radio show on Talkshoe.com. Hosted by Ananda Leeke. Panelists will discuss the topic of, ”The Marriage of Yoga and Green Living.” In honor of Yoga Awareness Month. A guest panel featuring the following women will share their expertise:

-Kimberly Wilson-Yoga Teacher, Entrepreneur, Author, Designer, Activist, & Founder of Tranquil Space, Tranquil Space Foundation- www.tranquilspace.com and www.hiptranquilchick.com
-Latham Thomas- Founder of Tender Shoots Wellness- www.tendershootswellness.com
-Yael Flusberg-Yoga Teacher, Life Coach, & Founder of Y Elements
-Sista Shree-Yoga Teacher and Sanskrit Mantra Chanter & Vocalist- www.sistashree.com
-Danielle Tergis-Director of Marketing & Communications,Yoga Alliance- www.yogaalliance.org

Listeners will have an opportunity to participate in a question and answer session with the panelists. Visit www.talkshoe.com/tc/21325 to listen to the show.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Latham on WE Network’s- Secret Lives of Women

Greetings friends,
Some of you may remember that the We network came to film my prenatal yoga class a few months ago. Well I will be featured on the WE Network’s hit series- The Secret Lives of Women, the show airs this Tuesday, September 2nd, at 10pm.

The camera follows the lives of women working as specialty models. Dawn, who is a maternity model joins our lovely group of expectant moms for Mama Glow, prenatal yoga. Special thanks to WE Network, Dawn, Annie, Expectant Models, Realbirth, and Hyde (for the yoga clothing). Click on the link below for more info about the show.
The Secret Lives of Women

Upcoming Air Dates:
Tuesday, September 2 at 10pm | 9c
Wednesday, September 3 at 1am | 12c
Tuesday, September 9 at 11pm | 10c
Wednesday, September 10 at 2am | 1c

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pink Berry Smoothie

So everyone is obsessing over the new Pink Berry ice cream, but for those who just need a cool sip of a smoothie made of ripe fresh berries the following recipe will do just the trick. Full of antioxidants and naturally sweet, treat yourself to this smoothie during the hot summer days.

Pink Berry Smoothie
1 1/2 Cup Cashew Milk, Almond Milk
1 Cup Frozen Raspberries
1 Cup Frozen Cherries
1/2 Banana (Frozen or Fresh)
1 Tsp. Vanilla Extract (optional)
Squeeze of Lime Juice (optional)

Add the ingredients and blend on high again until fully smooth and broken down. Nice and cool, nutritious and refreshing in this summer heat. Enjoy!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hyde Yoga Summer Sale!!!

Hi friends,
Just wanted to let you all know about the summer sale at Hyde. Save 25% off your purchases, just type in "summer" at the check out to save big! Send this to everyone you know. Thanks.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Check me out on the Hyde Yoga website

I am a huge fan of Hyde Yoga wear. Hyde makes clothing that feels comfortable, flattering, and easy to move in. I always tell my mamas to get Hyde pants and tops because they stretch well while your belly is growing and you can sport them postpartum as your body returns to your pre-baby shape.

I did a photo shoot with Hyde and am part of their home page photo montage and photos of me and my son are on their community page, please go check it out for yourself. 

While you're there check out the clothing and even buy online. You'll be so happy you did.

Tender Shoots Wellness-Website in full bloom!!!

Greetings Friends,
Many of you are familiar with my practice, Tender Shoots Wellness and have experienced some of our services first hand; culinary, yoga, nutrition.

I am pleased to announce the unveiling of my new and beautiful website, Tender Shoots Wellness. I am so proud of it and pleased to be sharing it with you all. Please go take a look when you have a moment. 

You will find detailed information about Tender Shoots Wellness services, and you can even sign up for holistic health consultations, green culinary services, and yoga privates online- just press the button, "Spring into Wellness" to sign up!

Although our focus is on serving prenatal women, our services extend to women who aren't expecting and men as well. 

Now you can go through my site to access the blog- www.tendershootswellness.com
Keep up with what's happening with Tender Shoots Wellness- workshops, classes, and events.

Stay tuned for info on our site launch party to be held this fall.

Spring into wellness!

Thank you kindly for your support, 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pose of the Month: Ardha Chandrasana (Half-moon)

Half moon Pose is a balance between heaven and earth. Rooting the standing leg into the floor, and extending the floating leg from the core, flexing through the foot- balancing in space. The moon provides glistening light- chandra, and illuminates the earth, guiding us into our dream space. The moon governs the tidal waters of the earth and the waters within the female reproductive system. This pose is great for finding extension, especially during pregnancy when you find yourself loosing space in the body.

Take Trikonasana
to the right side, with your left hand resting on the left hip.

Inhale, bend your right knee, and slide your left foot about 6 to 12 inches forward along the floor. At the same time, reach your right hand forward, beyond the little-toe side of the right foot, at least 12 inches.

Exhale, press your right hand and right heel firmly into the floor, and straighten your right leg, and lifting the left leg parallel (or a little above parallel) to the floor. Extend actively through the left heel to keep the raised leg strong. Be careful not to lock the standing knee: make sure the kneecap is aligned straight forward and isn't turned inward.

Rotate your upper torso to the left, but keep the left hip moving slightly forward. Beginners should keep the left hand on the left hip and the head in a neutral position, gazing forward.

Maintain the body's weight mostly on the standing leg. Press the lower hand lightly to the floor, using it to intelligently regulate your balance. Lift the inner ankle of the standing foot strongly upward, as if drawing energy from the earth into the standing leg. Press the sacrum and scapulas firmly against the back torso, and lengthen the tailbone toward the raised heel.

Maintain consistent breath. Stay in this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Then lower the raised leg to the floor with an exhalation, and return to Trikonasana. Then take the pose to the left for the same length of time.

  • Strengthens the abdomen, ankles, thighs, buttocks, and spine
  • Stretches the groins, hamstrings and calves, shoulders, chest, and spine
  • Improves coordination and sense of balance
  • Helps relieve stress
  • Improves digestion
Modifications and Props

Balance can be tricky in this pose for beginners. A wall is a useful prop, which you can use in one of two ways. Stand with your back to the wall, one leg's length away from the wall. Exhale and bend forward into a standing forward bend, then inhale and raise your left leg parallel to the floor and press the left sole against the wall. Start with your toes turned toward the floor. Exhale again and rotate your torso to the left; at the same time, turn the left leg and foot until the inner foot is parallel to the floor. Rest your left hand on the left hip. The pressure of the raised heel against the wall will help you maintain your balance. You can also perform the pose with your back to, and leaning against, the wall. These two options are best for pregnant women.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Mystic Journey Books- Journaling during Pregnancy

A good book is like having a garden in your Back Pocket

One day while drawing I came to the Zen realization that there is no art more glorious than the empty page. I set out to create handmade papers and books as a means of self-expression. A statement dwells in each particular pulp, each page. The integral content and suggestion of limitless potential lies in the dynamic space. A rustic method of breaking down organic matter to create something new and meaningful from what might be considered waste, has become for me a contemplative and intuitive process.

My books are made from a combination of handmade papers, and handcrafted imported papers made from organic and sustainably harvested plant fibers and produced by small family producers in India, Nepal, Brazil, and Japan primarily. I incorporate found objects from nature, tropical oilseeds from visits to Costa Rica and Brazil, fallen leaves from local New York maple trees, owl feathers, beads and seeds from all over the world, etc. Whatever I come across that inspires me gets incorporated into the work.

As an expectant and new mother there are so many joyous, eventful, uncomfortable, and blessed moments to record. During my pregnancy I wrote everyday, recording my thoughts, emotions, new sensations, fetal development, etc. I have a collection of these lovely books which will be a passed down to my son in his adult life. I encourage journal writing as a way to express your thoughts, but also to challenge your fears. Put it into the page.

To order your own custom made Mystic Journey Book contact: latham@tendershootswellness.com

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Create Your Sister Circle

Having your sister circle, or support group- a network of women that are your elders and peers in matters of motherhood to help assist you, ground you, witness, and support you during the early stages of motherhood. These women will be responsible for making sure you have something healthy to eat, have a moment to take nice a shower, have dishes washed and put away, answering the phones that keep ringing non stop, and tending to your needs, helping with breast feeding,  listening and advocating for you when you're in weird state of hormonal shifting postpartum.  

How do you select your crew?

Pick women whom you admire and who you consider to be skilled.
If one of your friends just happens to make the best veggie lasagne you've ever tasted, you may want to keep her around.

Choose friends who will stand by you during this process.
If your girlfriend bailed out on you when your belly got too big too got out dancing, she's probably not going to prove to be a good fit for your sister circle. 

Choose friends who are patient and understanding.
If your friend is the type to wait for an hour, without complaining, while you try on clothes in the dressing room, and help you select the best look, she's got some damn patience. 

Choose friends who will make you feel good.
The idea is that you are energized and feel rejuvenated during this process. Your friends should contribute to your feelings of joy, telling you jokes, rubbing your hands and feet, giving you hugs, listening to your gripes, and telling you how you're doing a great job.

Meet with these women while you are pregnant and let them know that you intend for them to be an integral part of your life over the following weeks after your child is born.  Give every member a task or responsibility so that all of your needs get met by someone in the sister circle.                                                                                                                                                            

Friday, June 27, 2008

The 2008 New York Guide to a Healthy Birth is here!

The New York Guide to a Healthy Birth is a comprehensive guide created to help you learn about your rights, options, and resources when planning the birth of your baby. It was first published in 2006 and is in its third year of print and includes a sister publication, The Philadelphia Guide to a Healthy Birth. Both guides are published by Choices in Childbirth, a New York City-based consumer advocacy organization whose goal is to educate, support, and empower women and their families in making informed choices about maternity and childbirth care. 

Founded by birth professionals, Choices in Childbirth educated the public about birthing options, and connects them with practitioners who uphold the belief that birth is a normal and healthy process. Please check out their site www.choicesinchildbirth.org

I'm so pleased to announce that the new guides are now available. I attended the reception for providers yesterday and picked up a stack of them to distribute. Guides are free to the public and packed with articles, statistical info, and an array of providers serving expectant and new mothers. I have 2008 guides, if you need guides shipped, please visit Choices in Childbirth online. 

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Organic Avenue-LOVE CLeanse

Coconut Mylk, 16 ozCoconut Water, 16 ozGrapefruit Juice, 8 ozGreen Vibrance, 16 oz
Organic Avenue tucked away on the Lower East side offers week long organic, raw, vegan, cleansing experiences with amazing juices and raw food. They call their cleanses LOVE- which is an acronym for Live Organic Vegan Experience. The LOVE Easy cleanse includes juice and food for 5 days. The LOVE Fast, their most popular cleanse features elixirs, juices, and smoothies. The LOVE Deep is a Liquid Cleanse that provides unmatched energy and clarity.

Having worked in the kitchen at Organic Avenue, I can say that they really take pride in the work they do. The juices are pressed through a Norwalk juicer and can keep a few days without oxidation of the vital nutrients. Much different than if you get a squeezed juice at your local juice bar, which begins oxidizing immediately. 

Cleaning programs begin at $350.00 for the week. 

Organic Avenue is located at:
101 Stanton Street between Orchard and Ludlow streets.

Visit them online at www.organicavenue.com
where you can find an array of organic and green products, foods, snacks, clothing, and jewelry to support your organic green lifestyle.

Grounding Meditation- Sukhasana

This meditation is helpful when you need to center yourself, ground yourself, feeling the earth beneath you. I find it useful in the morning when I first rise up from my bed, and when I am bringing the day to a close, just acknowledging the space that supports and surrounds me. 
  • Come to a comfortable seated position, Sukhasana or easy seat, also known as Indian style. Folding your legs in, allowing your feet to rest firmly onto the earth. Allow your knees to fall out the outer edges of your mat. 
  • Your spine is long, extend your spine upward, bringing your pelvis forward, allowing your shoulder blades to fall down onto your back and away from your ears. 
  • Your arms are resting along side your body, or hands are meeting at prayer at your sternum.
  • Float your eyes closed and begin to inhale and exhale slowly and intentionally. 
Imagine your baby in the bow of your pelvis cradled within a perfect lotus blossom, nestled away in complete bliss, serenity, and safety.
  • As you inhale, become aware of the muscles that support you as you sit. Feel the ground beneath you, pulling you towards the earth as you extend towards the sky through the crown of your head. 
Relaxes the muscles
Reduces blood pressure and heart
Calms the being, promoting a feeling of peace
Strengthens the hips and and muscles surrounding the spine

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pose of the Month: Natarajasana (Dancer's Pose)

I love natarajasana because it feels so regal. Being rooted through the standing leg and feeling extension through the thigh, groin, abs, and arms is beautiful. I am reminded of the ballerina wind-up music boxes I coveted as a child. Enjoy this graceful pose and if you're pregnant savor the wonderful opening of your shoulders and chest.

Find your center. Stand firm in Tadasana (Mountain Pose).
Inhale, shift your weight onto your right foot, and lift your left heel toward your left buttock as you bend the knee. Press the head of your right thigh bone back, deep into the hip joint, and engage your knee cap to keep the standing leg straight, strong, and rooted.

Reach back with your left hand and grasp the outside of your left foot or ankle. To avoid compression in your lower back, actively pull the pubis forward toward your navel, and at the same time, press your tailbone toward the floor.

Begin to lift your left foot up, away from the floor, and back, away from your torso. Extend the left thigh behind you and parallel to the floor. Stretch your right arm forward, in front of your torso, parallel to the floor.

Stretches the shoulders and chest
Stretches the thighs, groins, and abdomen
Strengthens the legs and ankles
Improves balance

To help with balance place the extended hand against a wall

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Super Natural Cooking- Heidi Swanson

Photographer, designer, and content producer Heidi Swanson is the creator of the popular recipe journal 101 Cookbooks. Heidi's book is juicy with full color images, beautiful flourishes and design and simple to understand. The concept is using 5 ways to incorporate healthy whole foods into your diet. From building a whole foods pantry, to cooking by color, she gives readers inspired recipes and tips for a healthy kitchen. When I teach cooking classes and do lectures, this book is always on my reading list. It's the modern and accessible whole foods cookbook bible. I like it because it is a plant-based cookbook without professing to be vegetarian. It talks about filling your diet with whole foods and that is so important in a society where many of us consume prepackaged foods. Do yourself a favor and just order it or go pick it up, it will prove to be a tremendous investment. And you will absolutely adore the images in this book as well.
Here is her Fig Spread with Black Pepper and Toasted Sesame Seeds

Heidi's Garlic Scape Soup- which would be perfect for a summer's evening. Grab some scapes at the farmers market and pick up your copy of Super Natural Cooking, at the Barnes and Noble or your local book retailer. I'm heading to Union Square farmer's market now to get some ingredients myself.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Raw Skin Care- Raw Gaia

Okay, so I admit, I do sometimes go nuts over beauty and skin care products, but this company is one of a short list of skin care lines that I really recommend. Raw Gaia
is an organic skin care line based in Brighton, UK, that produces "raw skincare". What is raw skin care exactly?

Raw skin care refers to the products containing unadulterated and unheated, natural substances.Raw Gaia's products maintain the antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids, moisturizing, healing and revitalizing the skin. They use only cold pressed oils, organic and vegan ingredients, infused with essential oils, and lovely floral waters. The products are organic, vegan, cruelty free, and ingredients they use are fair trade. You can't find a more ethical brand than Raw Gaia.

Many of their amazing products are to be avoided during pregnancy, due to essential oils. But before and after pregnancy this line is terrific. Also, their raw baby skin care line is wonderful. Just try their organic and raw baby cream,  For Her Babies Living Cream, which contains calendula, comfrey, and, St. John's wort- effective against diaper rash, and ezcema. Emollient oils help protect and moisturize the skin. This is an unscented product that mommy can use too.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Get your Vinyasa on at Home!

Greetings Mamas-to-be,

Many of you have asked me what I suggest you do between classes to keep your muscles strong and supple and your mind relaxed. I suggest you develop your home practice. That includes setting aside a space to practice your yoga, gathering special music, candles, imagery, perhaps creating a special altar. Getting your gear- yoga props, mat, blocks, bolster, strap, and blankets. You might begin with asana practice and then once your body and mind are tuned, begin your meditation. Some might do the reverse. I almost always begin my practice with seated pranayama- breathing, then move slowly with seated and low-to-the-floor postures, moving into my adho mukha svanasana (downward facing dog).

I advise lots of warming of the major joints of the body. You can achieve this through cat and cow- spinal flexion and extension, wrist warm ups, leg lifts, etc. You can integrate the prenatal sun salutation, which excludes chaturangas and upwardfacing dog, and deep forward folds.

Prenatal Sun Salutation
Stand at the top of your mat. Feet hip width distance apart or step them a little wider depending on the size of your growing belly. Draw your tailbone down towards the floor, tip your pelvis forward towards the sky ever so slightly. Circle your shoulders back and down keeping your spine long.Bring your palms to touch at heart center, float your eyes closed. Take a few breaths here. Inhale deep, exhale long.

Inhale – Sweep the arms up above head (draw shoulder blades down your back, bring palms to touch)

Exhale - Bend the knees coming down to Camper's Pose keeping the feet wide and parallel. (send your hips back behind you as if you’re squatting, bringing the forearms to rest on the tops of your thighs)

Inhale - Being the palms flat inside the feet and step the right leg back to a lunge.

Exhale - Step the left foot back to Downward facing dog

Inhale - Come forward to a Plank ( push-up) position, (keep your shoulders directly over your wrists, keep the neck nice and long, no crunching in the shoulders).

Exhale- Send the hips back to downward facing dog

Inhale - Bring the right foot forward to the outside of the right foot coming into a Lunge.

Exhale - Step the left foot to the outside of the left hand coming into Camper's Pose.

Inhale - Straighten the legs bringing the hands up through the heart center towards the ceiling coming into Urdhva Hastasana (arms over head).

Repeat sequence on the left side. And practice for a minimum of 3 cycles, getting deeper into each posture.

You can do this sequence first thing in the morning to get your blood moving and warm up your body, relax your mind. Be sure to drink adequate water before and after your practice.

Namaste Mamas!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD with Jennifer Wolfe

I am pleased to share a wonderful prenatal yoga dvd with you all. This is the second dvd of this style from Jennifer Wolfe. In this new dvd she has 3 different mini sequences, 15, 30, and 45 minutes in length. Designed to give you a real workout, Wolfe's prenatal vinyasa is nothing like the sleepy prenatal yoga dvds out there. She really warms up the body through fluid sequences, and strengthens and tones the legs and pelvic region for labor.

This is a great dvd for practitioners who want a more intense yoga class. It is not a great absolute beginners' video, but if you have a familiarity with vinyasa, and power yoga, this will be an excellent video for you to have in your library.

Order online at amazon.com, or from Jennifer Wolfe's site- www.jenniferwolfeyoga.com

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Prenatal Yoga Shoot for WE Network- The Secret Lives of Women

I would like to thank the participants who attended Mama Glow prenatal yoga last night at Realbirth. The class was filmed by the WE Network for a special television segment on the hit show, "The Secret Lives of Women". The camera follows the life of a women who is a maternity model and she joins our lovely group of expectant moms for prenatal yoga. The show will air in the fall, stay tuned for more info. Special thanks to WE Network, Dawn, Annie & Realbirth, and Hyde, (for the yoga clothing). 

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Aromatherapy- H.Gillerman Organics

Hope Gillerman, the founder of H.Gillerman Organics is introducing a unique range of advanced essential oil remedies.

Just in case you thought all essential oils were to be avoided during pregnancy, H.Gillerman offers three blends that can assist you in all three trimesters.

Her formulations are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which looks at the Spleen, Heart and Liver meridians for pregancy. Here are H. Gillerman Organics products recommended for pregnancy:

Natural Rest Sleep Remedy to relax throughout the pregnancy, add a few drops in the bath or diffuse. Can be used during labor as well by applying a few drops on the lower back.

Tension Remedy
for morning sickness, inhale from bottle.

Jaw Clenching Remedy as a bath or massage oil in third trimester for fatigue, edema, muscle cramping.

The products will be available to the public this summer. Contact H.Gillerman Organics for more info: www.hgillermanorganics.com

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Twig Organic Products

My new favorite line of skin care for little ones is Little Twig. If you want to know what lotion I've been using to massage your hands while in savasana, this is it. The Little Twig Body Milk, from their organic body care line. Its free of all he harmful and harsh chemicals you find in most skin care products like mineral oil, methyl parabens, artificial fragrances. It is pH balanced and pediatrician tested. Little Twig's extensive line includes: body oil, lotions (body milk), bubble bath, body wash, shampoo, baby powder and diaper cream.

Little Twig not only cares for your skin, they care for the environment too. In an effort to reduce waste, you can return your empty full size bottles to the company and receive a 30% discount on your next online purchase! That's good news for the environment and your wallet too.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Featured Mama: Victoria Keen of Victoria Keen Design

If you're like me, when you go to yoga class, you want to wear something comfortable, cute, and well fitting. It took a long time for me to find yoga apparel that was flattering outside of yoga class. I want to be able to wear the clothes when I leave home or the studio, not rush to jump into my "civilian wear", so nobody sees me in my workout clothes. Victoria Keen's clothing is the perfect blend of hip, stylish, comfortable and chic.
You can saunter around the city in a comfortable pair of her kali yoga pants (as seen in the top photo), hand silk-screened, with all original designs, and a tight zip-up cotton hoodie and look fabulous. She makes the coziest dresses that flatter all body types. I lived in her cotton dresses last summer, which kept me nice and cool in the summer heat.
If you are pregnant stopping by Victoria's boutique is a must on your to-do list. You'll find flowing dresses, wrap tops and skirts, boy shorts, halters and more, all made from forgivable cotton lycra blending which preserves the clothing so you can wear it postpartum as well and not have to worry about the garment being over stretched. Step out in style, showcase that blossoming belly in one of Victoria's sexy summer dresses. Her hip designs along with her beautiful graphic patterns set her apart from other designers. You'll have personal attention at the boutique and even leave with a cloth shopping bag. Her boutique centrally located downtown at 357 Lafayette Street between Bleecker and Bond houses all of her unique designs, furniture, paintings, and loads of beautiful clothes.
Currently expecting her first baby this spring, Victoria has big plans to start a maternity line and baby line of clothing in the near future. She is a part of the Mama Glow! Prenatal Yoga community. To learn more about Victoria and her company Victoria Keen Design, check her out online at: www.victoriakeen.com You can make purchases online or stop by the store when you're in Soho. Step out to prenatal yoga in style! Get a pair of those kali yoga pants, availalble in different colors and patterns.
Victoria Keen Design
357 Lafayette St
bet Bleecker and Bond
B/D/F/V trains to Broadway Lafayette, 6 train to Bleecker St