Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Little Twig Organic Products

My new favorite line of skin care for little ones is Little Twig. If you want to know what lotion I've been using to massage your hands while in savasana, this is it. The Little Twig Body Milk, from their organic body care line. Its free of all he harmful and harsh chemicals you find in most skin care products like mineral oil, methyl parabens, artificial fragrances. It is pH balanced and pediatrician tested. Little Twig's extensive line includes: body oil, lotions (body milk), bubble bath, body wash, shampoo, baby powder and diaper cream.

Little Twig not only cares for your skin, they care for the environment too. In an effort to reduce waste, you can return your empty full size bottles to the company and receive a 30% discount on your next online purchase! That's good news for the environment and your wallet too.

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