Saturday, September 13, 2008

Information Session for Expecting Parents with Choices in Childbirth

Dear Friends of Choices in Childbirth,

We are pleased to announce the next free informational session for expectant parents.

SEPTEMBER MEETING TOPIC: Negotiate the Maze of Maternity Care Health Insurance:
Can I Have the Birth I Want -- and Get it Paid For?
In the Listening to Mothers 2 survey in 2006, 47% of the women reported that the first reason for choosing a maternity care provider is that the provider participated in their insurance plan. Only 18% of the women reported that they chose their provider based on style/care options views.

In other words, a woman's "choice" is more often than not dictated by insurance policies rather than based on specific pregnancy and birth management style which range from "expectant management" to "interventionist management".

Choices in Childbirth as a consumer advocacy group often receives calls from women who would like to know if and how they could get a specific type of care if they don't have insurance or how they could get their choice covered by their insurance plan if it has been denied. For instance, one woman's insurance wouldn't pay for her birth with a midwife, another's wouldn't pay for her birth at an independent birthing center, another wouldn't pay for a home birth.

If you don't have insurance or if your chosen birth location or birth attendant does not participate in your insurance plan, what can you do?

In this month's meeting we will explore a few of the tricky insurance situations expectant parents have encountered and we will offer suggestions and resources to enable you to attempt to get the birth that you want paid for.

Our meeting will feature guest speakers, both care providers and new mothers who will share their choices and experiences.

The session is generously hosted by Realbirth.
DATE: Wednesday Sept 24th 2008, 6:15 - 8:30PM
LOCATION: 715 9th avenue between 49th street and 48th street -ground floor.
GUEST SPEAKERS: A variety of birth professionals knowledgeable about insurance and two new mothers.

We hope to see you there, and welcome you to invite your friends, family or other expectant families who might be interested.

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The flyer can be printed from the following link:

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