Sunday, August 31, 2008

Latham on WE Network’s- Secret Lives of Women

Greetings friends,
Some of you may remember that the We network came to film my prenatal yoga class a few months ago. Well I will be featured on the WE Network’s hit series- The Secret Lives of Women, the show airs this Tuesday, September 2nd, at 10pm.

The camera follows the lives of women working as specialty models. Dawn, who is a maternity model joins our lovely group of expectant moms for Mama Glow, prenatal yoga. Special thanks to WE Network, Dawn, Annie, Expectant Models, Realbirth, and Hyde (for the yoga clothing). Click on the link below for more info about the show.
The Secret Lives of Women

Upcoming Air Dates:
Tuesday, September 2 at 10pm | 9c
Wednesday, September 3 at 1am | 12c
Tuesday, September 9 at 11pm | 10c
Wednesday, September 10 at 2am | 1c

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