Monday, March 8, 2010

My new Prenatal Guided Meditations and Asana Podcasts are here!

Check out my new blog talk radio show and podcasts. The prenatal yoga practice offers space for us to explore our physical bodies, spiritual and emotional selves as well. In preparation for labor and delivery we spend time tuning inward and visualizing the process, training our bodies to be strong, our minds to be resilient, and our hearts to stay supple. These guided meditations are a quick way to set your spiritual practice in motion wherever you are. Each episode will explore a different prenatal yoga principle and help you develop trust in your body and in the natural and beautiful process of labor. Please visit my website for more information-

Sunday, March 7, 2010

It Takes Two- Partner Yoga for Labor & Delivery with Latham Thomas

Partner Yoga & Techniques for Labor & Delivery with Latham Thomas
Sunday March 28th, 1-3pm at Yoga Sole
254 Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn 11215
$65.00 per couple, early registration (by March 1st) $60.00 per couple
This workshop provides an opportunity for couples together to enhance awareness and confidence in pregnancy, labor and birth. We will explore functional yoga tools: gentle postures, breathwork, vocal toning, meditation, visualization, affirmation, and basic massage techniques. Couples will cultivate greater relaxation, intimacy, understanding and preparation for childbearing. A sense of calm eases the birthing process, reducing pain, and increases the joy of giving birth. We will explore how to keep the expectant mother calm and confident during labor. Couples will practice giving and receiving in a supportive partner yoga practice that is beneficial for cultivating connection, and harmony throughout pregnancy and during labor. The presence, participation and support of a woman’s partner are a powerful aid to labor and delivery.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Latham speaks for the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food: Family Night

Join me for a lecture and dinner with the NY Coalition for Healthy School Food on the value of veganism and and healthy lifestyle. There will be vegan fare from V Spot. Please make your reservation by March 15th. See the flyer for details.