Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tender Shoots Wellness-Website in full bloom!!!

Greetings Friends,
Many of you are familiar with my practice, Tender Shoots Wellness and have experienced some of our services first hand; culinary, yoga, nutrition.

I am pleased to announce the unveiling of my new and beautiful website, Tender Shoots Wellness. I am so proud of it and pleased to be sharing it with you all. Please go take a look when you have a moment. 

You will find detailed information about Tender Shoots Wellness services, and you can even sign up for holistic health consultations, green culinary services, and yoga privates online- just press the button, "Spring into Wellness" to sign up!

Although our focus is on serving prenatal women, our services extend to women who aren't expecting and men as well. 

Now you can go through my site to access the blog-
Keep up with what's happening with Tender Shoots Wellness- workshops, classes, and events.

Stay tuned for info on our site launch party to be held this fall.

Spring into wellness!

Thank you kindly for your support, 

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Ananda said...

i look forward to the launch party. the site is lovely. the colors are wonderful. i love all the links. very well done.