Sunday, June 22, 2008

Grounding Meditation- Sukhasana

This meditation is helpful when you need to center yourself, ground yourself, feeling the earth beneath you. I find it useful in the morning when I first rise up from my bed, and when I am bringing the day to a close, just acknowledging the space that supports and surrounds me. 
  • Come to a comfortable seated position, Sukhasana or easy seat, also known as Indian style. Folding your legs in, allowing your feet to rest firmly onto the earth. Allow your knees to fall out the outer edges of your mat. 
  • Your spine is long, extend your spine upward, bringing your pelvis forward, allowing your shoulder blades to fall down onto your back and away from your ears. 
  • Your arms are resting along side your body, or hands are meeting at prayer at your sternum.
  • Float your eyes closed and begin to inhale and exhale slowly and intentionally. 
Imagine your baby in the bow of your pelvis cradled within a perfect lotus blossom, nestled away in complete bliss, serenity, and safety.
  • As you inhale, become aware of the muscles that support you as you sit. Feel the ground beneath you, pulling you towards the earth as you extend towards the sky through the crown of your head. 
Relaxes the muscles
Reduces blood pressure and heart
Calms the being, promoting a feeling of peace
Strengthens the hips and and muscles surrounding the spine

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