Friday, July 4, 2008

Mystic Journey Books- Journaling during Pregnancy

A good book is like having a garden in your Back Pocket

One day while drawing I came to the Zen realization that there is no art more glorious than the empty page. I set out to create handmade papers and books as a means of self-expression. A statement dwells in each particular pulp, each page. The integral content and suggestion of limitless potential lies in the dynamic space. A rustic method of breaking down organic matter to create something new and meaningful from what might be considered waste, has become for me a contemplative and intuitive process.

My books are made from a combination of handmade papers, and handcrafted imported papers made from organic and sustainably harvested plant fibers and produced by small family producers in India, Nepal, Brazil, and Japan primarily. I incorporate found objects from nature, tropical oilseeds from visits to Costa Rica and Brazil, fallen leaves from local New York maple trees, owl feathers, beads and seeds from all over the world, etc. Whatever I come across that inspires me gets incorporated into the work.

As an expectant and new mother there are so many joyous, eventful, uncomfortable, and blessed moments to record. During my pregnancy I wrote everyday, recording my thoughts, emotions, new sensations, fetal development, etc. I have a collection of these lovely books which will be a passed down to my son in his adult life. I encourage journal writing as a way to express your thoughts, but also to challenge your fears. Put it into the page.

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Nicole Feliciano said...

Latham, The site looks terrific. I'd also mention that Kata Golda makes some amazing handmade albums. They are items worth splurging on and I have feature them both on and on my blog