Friday, December 5, 2008

Honeydrop Organic Beverage

Deluxe Honeydrop, a leading producer of honey-infused waters, announced the launch of Deluxe Honeydrop, the company’s first line of premium beverages. Deluxe Honeydrop is an organic flavored water infused with a drop of organic honey and “deluxe” premium juices. Containing only 80 calories per 16.9 oz bottle, Deluxe Honeydrop comes in four flavors: Bee Good (apple), Bee Alive (blood orange), Bee Calm (chamomile) and Bee Strong (blueberry).

The Founders of this amazing product debuted the beverage at Tender Shoots Wellness's website launch party on Thursday December 4th. It was a huge hit at the party and a wonderful beverage for mothers and children alike. Honeydrop will be available in Whole Foods Markets across the country. Please check out for more info.

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