Sunday, October 25, 2009

Georgia Salon & Spa- Jodie Becker

Nestled in Nolita, Georgia Beauty & Salon is a concept developed by my good friend Jodie Patterson-Becker and Kiara Ellozy. Named after Jodie's first born daughter, Georgia stocks rare product finds that real product fiends would faun over. The deconstructed style and old world charm of the high tin ceilings and exposed walls mounted with an array of pictures of great grandmothers, young women with beautiful tresses and 70s style, mixed in with pictures of Jodie herself make the space feel like home.
Making your way to the back area past the grand curtains and a maze of products you will find a salon tucked away. Services by appointment only. Not only do they sell beauty products but you can buy beautiful intimates.

Jodie, who recently gave birth to her 4th child, (although you wouldn't be able to tell) just recently collaborated with Susan Lazar- EGG, to produce a new natural baby wash that was created for charity in support of Community of Unity- a youth development organization. Support Georgia and stop by to purchase baby wash and check out the other amazing products and services they offer.
Georgia is located at: 89 East Houston Street, near Elizabeth visit them online- Georgia

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