Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Reflections on Earth's Day

I am reminded of the wonders of the earth mother everyday. I witness and experience cycles of building and destruction like the ebb and flow of the tidal waters. This experience is one that I've taken solace in. Growing up in the green laced city of Oakland, CA and working with plants, then moving to the asphalt streets of New York, where the buildings themselves grow towards the sky line, mimicking trees competing for sunlight, ascending towards the heavens.

I see underneath it all, an opportunity to reflect, learn, and take new and inspired action. I find it a little absurd to dedicate just one day to celebrating the beautiful,resilient, abundant, affirming, forgiving, vital, and sensuous mother earth. It's like waiting until mother's day to show your mom just how much you love and honor her. We often take for granted the gift of life, food, water, land, all of which are sacred and provided to us. In return we must make a daily practice of giving thanks which is why I decided to celebrate and honor the earth today.

As I was teaching my Mama Glow! prenatal yoga class on Earth Day, I witnessed beautiful women grounded in pregnancy, carrying the blessing of new life within themselves and still moving fluidly with grace through their asana practice. I am inspired by expecting mothers because they are the humble vessels that share their body space with spirit as it takes form into flesh. Governed by the cycles of the moon, we hold the whole world in our wombs. The Ujaii pranayama (victorious breathing) echoing through the room, like the calming sound of the ocean, the blossoming bellies round and abundant, shining forth, ripe with life, the universal sound of OM reverberating in our wombs, and our was this that reminded me of the elements at work creating, growing and sustaining new life. It is this that constantly amazes me and teaches me. The earth is indeed alive around and within us all.
Happy belated Earth Day. Happy Earth Day Everyday.


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