Sunday, April 25, 2010

How to Shop With Your Kids at the Farmer's Market- Starring Latham and Fulano

Shopping at the Farmer's Market with Your Kid: Tips to Make It Fun For Both of You from Parent Earth on Vimeo.

Parent Earth Expert Latham Thomas, a nutritionist, shares tips to turn a potentially stressful errand into a fun activity with your child. She is shopping with her 6 year old son, Fulano.


1. Be flexible and curious, ask questions

2. Give your child a job to participate in decision-making

3. Use all your senses to taste, touch, and smell the food

4. Summarize what you bought to give your child a sense of accomplishment

The Farmers' Market is an opportunity for your child to interact with the people who are growing and producing the food!

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artistruth said...

I take my three and a 1/2 year old every saturday morning to our local farmer's market... I brought her a little red wagon which she gets to fill with her purchases and the night before at bedtime we talk about what she would like to buy at the farmers market the next morning and then we talk about if its in season or not, then at the markets we look for the chosen produce together and if its available i'll buy it and she puts it in her wagon. i also encourage her to talk to the farmers, we talk about what dishes we make with their produce that past week and stuff like that. the farmers love it and always end up giving her a little free sample of whatever. and there's usually a juice stall and i pretty much always treat her to a banana smoothie after we are done shopping. when we get home, she helps stack the fruit bowl and put everything else in the fridge, and for the rest of the morning she is free to eat however much of whatever it was she chose to go in her wagon, right now its red capsicum (bell Peppers), i let regular mealtime slide for market day. i think she is beginning to love market day as much as i do...