Sunday, July 10, 2011

Spread Your Purpose with More Impact

Dear Creative and Visionary Leaders!

Summer is here, temperatures are rising and the beaches are filling up. It’s time to allow yourself to step forward and bring your gifts to the world! It’s official: my colleague, Kate Siner Francis Ph.D is presenting The World-Changing Success Telesummit July 11th – 15th!

The best part – it’s completely FREE! Listen in from wherever you are by phone or on your computer. It’s just that easy!

This amazing panel of visionary women have made a big impact by following their heart and their commitment to make a difference. These masters are ready to show you what worked, what didn’t and what they wish they knew when they started, to help inspire you and get you started with your world-changing success project!

Are you tired of the obstacles in your way and aspire to make the world a better place as a result of your work? We’re here to tell you that we have a new solution for you – The World-Changing Success Telesummit! It’s happening all week from July 11th – 15th.

NOW is the time to step forward and bring your gifts to the world. A creative leader will know the secrets to how to be successful and make a huge difference in the world around them!

What if I told you that you can have make a difference in the world and have a successful business!

In you'll hear 10 experts over 5 days showing you how to make the world a better place by overcoming the obstacles that hold you back from your brilliance and helping you step into your future as a leader.

Get the tangible tools you need to do the work you know you are meant to do. Be inspired and bring your gifts to the world!

Be Successful, Be Visionary, Make A Difference! You Can Make It Happen! Reserve your complimentary spot now, visit to listen to these live speakers and get inspired. It’s completely complimentary and you never need to leave the comforts of your home. Incredible, right?

Prepare to be inspired! I promise, you are going to love it!

Go here to register and get all the details:



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