Saturday, February 19, 2011

Join Latham & Friends in Canada at WellSpot

Join Gabrielle Bernstein, my BFF and author of Add More ~Ing to your Life,
serial entrepreneur diva Jen Groover,
Vinyasa yoga guru goddess Sean Corne,
Wellness maven extraordinaire and author of The Dormroom Diet, Daphne Oz
and other fabulous ladies (plus myself)

for a game-changing conference in Toronto, Canada. Click here to get your tix!
Bridging the gap between health & wellness & entrepreneurship.

Hosted By: HealthyGirl and DivaGirl

HealthyGirltm promotes healthy & wealthy entrepreneurship (wellpreneurship). HeatlhyGirl’s mandate is to bridge the gap between building wealth as an entrepreneur and maintaining personal health & wellness. We are passionate about health, entrepreneurship and wealth-building. Our reason for being is to share and educate on the ideas,events and tools that we believe to be critical to one’s success as a healthy & wealthy entrepreneur!

DivaGirltm is an online female community, dedicated to help women across the nation to get fit, have fun and feel sexy! DivaGirl is your online source to various sexy dance/fitness-based classes, workshops and events, hosted in your area. DivaGirl has re-defined what it means to be a “Diva” and have reached explosive growth over the last year. The DivaGirl umbrella consists of four divisions: DivaGirl Fitness (dance/fitness for women); DivaGirl Entertainment (professional dance company); DivaGirl Beauty (spa/beauty division) and DivaGirl-Preneur (offering business/networking seminars for women entrepreneurs in the city). Get ready to unleash the sexy within...

What are you waiting for?!! Join us!

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